Compliance Audit

Our firm offers telemarketing compliance audits for business who want to go the extra mile in ensuring full compliance with federal and state telemarketing laws.

Our telemarketing audits consist of four phases:

Phase 1 - Autodialers and other regulated technology

Phase 2 - State, federal, and internal Do Not Call compliance

Phase 3 - State licensing and bonding 

Phase 4 - Behavioral and content rules

We provide a summary letter at the conclusion of each phase of the telemarketing audit. For an additional fee we can send one of our compliance lawyers to your place of business and conduct the audit in person. This also includes time for training, responding to questions and providing in person feedback. 

Learn more about telemarketing audits by contacting us at 801-930-1117 or for a free consultation. 

Other Services

In addition to telemarketing compliance audits, our firm provides a number of customized services for the telemarketing industry. See below for a list of these customized services. Call us at 801-930-1117 for a free consultation.

Telemarketing Compliance and Auditing Services

Telemarketing Compliance and Auditing Services